Food Security

There are one billion hungry people walking this planet.

There are one billion overweight people walking alongside of them.

Despite world leaders' plans to cut the number of food insecure people in half by 2015, there were 925 million people fitting that description in 2010. That's up from 800 million in 1996.

We all have a role in creating food security and ensuring our future meals. The following posts attempt to draw attention to the ever-pressing issue of food security.

The Kieffer pear: Niagara's other street food

Giving crabapples their due (and a home)

Bosc-ing in the glory of a successful harvest

Sugar pears kick off a sweet harvest for a cause

SustaiNiagara aims to grow good health

Rising food costs won't be as steep as feared

Getting fired up for National BBQ Day

Fearing the worst for local food and farming in 2012

Genetically modified foods: Are they safe?

Success in the Can

Remember what Food Freedom Day is really about

Grovel, grovel

A Swapping Affair

Why we need supply management

Hungry for street food change

Giving thanks for the small victories — and the big

Giving what the giving tree can

A pear-fect plea

The Sustainability Series: Farmland Protection

It's a grape time of year

Slowly she goes

In defence of food journalism

Stepping up Chive Walk

Flavours of the Biosphere gives taste of Niagara

Making Niagara-on-the-Lake more edible and incredible

Where it begins: The Garden of Eating - Niagara season starts

Wanted: Guerrilla Gardeners

Election Issue: Time for a food strategy

 Corporate social responsibility that does a body good

Crunch time

Why Chicken Chuckin' leaves a foul taste in my mouth

Growing hope: My evening with Joel Salatin

NiAGara Farm Heroes and Agvocates: Malcolm Allen

Niagara Seedy Saturday is coming

The world's most famous grass farmer comes to Niagara

A vegetarian's beef with Veguary

Hitting too close to my veggie crisper

Wanted: A real trail blazer

NiAGara: Farm Heroes and Agvocates — Sheri Fogel

Signatures for the salad bowl

Striving for food security

It's in the can

The Power of food

The giving tree

Sowing the seeds to save the Salad Bowl

It's coming!

Paradise in a mason jar

Throwing away the key on a valuable program

A part of peach season that's the pits

Tossing the power plant out of the Salad Bowl

Have farmers, will market

Growing a good cause

Beginning of the end

The wonderland of ALUS

Use it or lose it: Local food forum

Conversation over some Food, Inc.

Niagara Produce: Is no one buying?

Niagara Seedy Saturday 2010

The Story of Food

It's that time of year again

Pulling the plug on the Holland Marsh power plant — the battle continues

Local doesn't always mean quality

Friday night with a seed catalogue and CSA dreams

Hope in an envelope

Niagara Seedy Saturday

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