In the Garden

I'm a bit of a brown thumb who longs for a green thumb. So, I keep trying. Sometimes, I succeed and reap what I sow. Other times, I come up empty handed. Here are our adventures in the garden.

Good night Grackle Garden

Saving basil seed: A Nufar-ious plot

A cup of sunshine: lemon verbena tea

Linda's Tomato Days are coming

Getting my green thumb on

Of YIMBYs and spring: Dreams of gardening glory take root

Mark your calendars: Seedy Saturday cometh

Five things I learned from my garden

A beet beatdown

Growing to a beet of my own

The life of beans

 Dreams of tomato days

Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors, Part 4

Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors, Part 3

Seeds: the ultimate therapists

Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors, Part 2

Growing Pains: Growing garlic indoors

Going back to the start

La vie en ruffles

It's coming — Winter gardening primer

Squashed dreams

Sunday morning garden stroll

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One healthy weed

Taking stock of the dock

Linda's garden ramblings

Brown thumbs crossed

Lettuce, Turnip and Wine get growing

Lettuce, Turnip and Wine sprouts in 2010

Niagara Seedy Saturday 2010

Gardening season takes root

Cabbage — the story continues

Linda's Tomato Days are back

Friday night with a seed catalogue and CSA dreams

Hope in an envelope

Niagara Seedy Saturday

The love of Green Goliath

November, November, feels like you've been here all along

Break out the compost bags

It's (nearly) a wrap

Muhziks make the people come together

Something to keep an eye on — tomato blight

A green thumb unfulfilled

Lettuce, Turnip and Wine grows. And other stuff

Crying the greenthumb blues

Lettuce, Turnip and Wine meet again

Recession and gardening like two peas in a pod

Plant and rant

Gardening victories and stalemates

Planting the seeds of locavore life

Wanted: One green thumb

The Zero Mile Diet

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