Whoa, Nelly. I'm hungry, too. In fact, I'm likely eating right now. Want to know what I might be whipping up in my kitchen as you read? Check out the recipes below to find out.

The vinegar vitae: Listen to your mother — Rose hip vinegar Part 2

An odoriferous elixir: Sopa de Ajo

Penning a community cookbook for a cause

BS Pie: How I'm coping with a surplus of butternut squash

The vinegar vitae: Rose hip vinegar Part 1

Recipe for a family bond: An ode to a pumpkin

Sweet! It's homemade sauerkraut

Forks over spray: A remedy for a garlic mustard invasion

Eating by memory: An ode to white asparagus (Spargelcremesuppe recipe)

Back in the homemade cheese saddle

Rah rah ramen

Pumpkin soup and the pipes to prove it

The Spaghetti Incident Part II: Spaghetti squash pancakes

The Spaghetti Incident: Spaghetti squash ramen

A love that's easy to muster — Mustard greens and chickpeas with curry

A match made in a soup pot — Tomatillo soup

Summer sealed in time — Oven-dried tomatoes

A seedy ritual — Roasted squash seeds

A spoonful of summer — Roasted tomato soup

My eyes sparkle for Spargel — white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Beauty, booze and food — Rosenbowle

Ethereal Goodness — Spiced baked goat's yogurt

A holy vegetable experience — Jerusalem artichoke recipes

A whiter shade of borscht

Sunshine on a dreary day — Butternut squash soup

La vie en ruffles — Stuffed tomatoes

Paradise in a Mason jar — Pickled beans with bite

Swooning over supper — Roma beans and tomatoes

The life of chard — Barbecued greens

One healthy weed — Purslane salad

Staying currant in the kitchen — Red currant jam

Scapes can't escape me — Sauteed garlic scapes

Singing a different tune about fiddleheads — Sauteed fiddleheads

When life gives you grapes, make lemonade — Winemakers lemonade

Barley risotto in mint condition

Using your head (of cabbage) — Oriental slaw

Suzanne as Martha Stewart — Arugula, bresaola and pecorino

The Recession that didn't get us back to the kitchen — Four-vegetable latkes, Beans with cabbage and shrimp and Chick pea soup

Another incarnation of zucchini — Zucchini soup

A zucchini for your thoughts — Zucchini and sweet potato bread

Culinary skills required — Basil pesto

Chard: My all-time favourite vegetable — Chard cheese pie

Not a half-baked idea — No-knead artisinal bread

CSA — Cook something amazing — Baked grated beets

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